1. The Oxygen Concentrators Loan Initiative by Sahayata Trust aims to address oxygen crisis in India by providing oxygen concentrators as a loan(free of charge) to small NGOs, clinics & hospitals who pledge to further offer the same free of cost to Patients.

2. Sahayata Team will verify your requirement and accordingly approve your request for the quantity and duration as deemed fit.

3. The Oxygen Concentrator(s) have to be handled with proper care as per the manual & returned to Sahayata Trust in working condition within the approved duration.  

4. In the event that the purpose is no longer practical or the intended use ceases to exist (even within the approved duration) Oxygen Concentrator(s) have to be returned to Sahayata Trust.

5. The Oxygen Concentrators once allotted to you are not transferrable to other NGOs, Hospitals or Clinics.

6.Time is dependent on the location of stocks availability and may vary from state to state.

Please do not set any expectations with the candidates. Tell them you are trying to get them part-time employment for a couple of months. We are trying to see if we can create a few opportunities at an NGO supporting students with online teaching, tests, home work help etc. We will do our best to see what we can do insha'Allah. If this is indeed successful, we can expand formally.

It is a paid assignment. We are looking for a writer who can author a book that shares the experiences of community building, growing organizations for disaster relief, education, housing, women's shelter and more. The book is expected to: give a glimpse of the selfless efforts of US Muslims in 60's as they laid the foundation for coming generations so they could survive and thrive as a community; A 40 year journey of serving Muslims of India in need and other oppressed Minorities; Lessons learned and a perspective on the road ahead for next generation.

- Proven experience as writer, author in English. 

- Deep interest in Muslim issues. Passionate about charitable causes related to disaster relief/rehabilitation, orphan support, education, human rights, healthcare and community building.
- Listening skills. Engaging. Asks the right questions to extract thoughts, personality. 

- Ability to uncover nuggets of information

- Ability to assemble, sort and structure materials from various sources, including interviews with the subject’s associates etc.
- Can speak Urdu. Ability to read Urdu is a plus.

- Ability to work independently without supervision. 

- Able to work across International Time Zones from home. 

Please complete all sections of the application. All applicants will receive a notification within a few days of their acceptance status. Upon acceptance, applicants are responsible for acquiring all necessary travel documents (valid passport, visa, updated immunization, etc.) We hope to visit India for the volunteer program in the last two weeks of December 2016 for up to 12 days (including travel). Dates may be subject to change slightly. If you have any questions please contact us at info@imrcusa.org or visit www.imrcusa.org

This application is to request assistance for yateem and miskeen children. This program covers children who are either studying or will be studying with this assistance.

The institutions or individuals applying are expected to be law-abiding and only focused on charitable activities.

An overview of this program and commitments will be detailed in another document

To complete the application please attach a government issued ID card or ration card that has the child's photograph, information about the child, family background etc. and any other documents you feel, are needed.

Thank you for reaching out to IMRC. 

Please fill this form with required documents. Form submission does not guarantee approval. Any missing information or documents will delay the process. 


Thank you for reaching out to IMRC. 

Please fill this form with required documents. Form submission does not guarantee approval. Any missing information or documents will delay the process. 

Thank you for reaching out to IMRC. 

Please fill this form with required documents. Form submission does not guarantee approval. Any missing information or documents will delay the process. 



1. Why this program?

As a charitable organization we would like to reach as many people in need as possible across India. We have allocated funds to assist with much needed supplies for patients suffering from Covid and also supplies to help prevent Covid.

This program is for the sole benefit of those in poverty or in financial distress. Ghareeb, Miskeen aur majboor. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion. 

2. Who can apply for these funds?

· Volunteers & teams of volunteers helping locally

· Non-profit organizations / Small Registered NGOs

· Small hospitals, clinics and covid care centres following local laws and regulations, willing to pass on these supplies for free. Without charging patients.

All the work has to be within the guidelines of laws and local regulations. It will be better for you if you can keep the local officials informed if you are serving patients outside your family.

3. What are the supplies within the scope of this program?

Volunteer teams, NGOs, Small Hospitals / Clinics / Covid Care Centres can request for essential supplies, equipment, rations, expenses that are critical in saving lives. Some examples:

Some examples:  To purchase temporary beds, oxygen equipment & supply, medicines, oxymeters & other monitoring devices. To pay for transportation services, telehealth services, lab services, temporary stays in isolation centres etc. To buy rations for feeding the patients, their caretakers.

We are unable to entertain large sums of hospital expenses and fees. 

Based on local situations, there could be other needs that we are not aware of. Please share your list of items, ideas, plans so we can tell you if its possible to cover or not.

4. What if I am a patient or a patient's caretaker?

If the patient is in a bad financial condition and is unable to pay, she/he can apply for assistance with isolation charges, medicines, oxymeter, lab services, rations/food to survive. We are unable to entertain large sums of hospital expenses and fees but a limited, small amount on a case by case basis.

A caretaker or a volunteer can also apply on behalf of the patient. 

5. How much funds are available?

There is no fixed amount. We will evaluate on a case by case basis and inform you about our decision.

6. How do I apply?

Submit the form below these question & answers. Fill out as much as much as you can first. We can help you with next steps.

A complete form requires the necessary quotations from vendors. We will explain to you the process.

7. How do you decide who to fund?

We will review the request based on  our experience in the field. We will also verify the backgrounds of the people requesting funds and we will evaluate their ability to do the work effectively.

While this is a massive tragedy, there is also a danger of wasting funds due to inexperience and due to fraudulent suppliers. Therefore we have strict criteria.

8. How long will it take?

In general it takes about a week for Sahayata Trust to review and decide.

9. How are the funds disbursed?

Funds are disbursed to vendors’ bank accounts directly. Vendors should be willing to provide GST bills. No funds to individuals, organizations’ bank accounts or volunteers.

10. What happens after the work is done?

You are expected to submit a report of the impact to those in need. You are expected to submit all the bills.

11. Can I talk to someone?

Yes. A team member is available at +919059861794. WhatsApp call or WhatsApp message only.

Location needs to be in a rural area or in a slum.
Common public should benefit from the proposed well. Irrespective of religion, caste, creed.
If the well is being built in a Masjid/Maktab, the taps or hand pump need to be accessible by everyone freely without any restrictions.
Well should not be located on a private land.
At least 50% of homes within 1/2 km of this location are below poverty line (white card holders in Andhra
Pradesh, for example).
There is no reliable water source within 1/2 km from this proposed location.
If the plan is to install electric pump, there should be clear responsibility with either a masjid/maktab,
organization, a named individual or a group of named individuals to pay the electricity bills
For all maintenance and repairs, clear responsibility with either masjid/maktab, organization, a named
individual or a group of named individuals.
Names and phone numbers of at least 3 beneficiaries. One person to be an Ameer.
Payments are made directly to companies providing products and services. Via checks, bank transfers or other legal means that can be traced and documented. In general, payments are not made to institutions or individuals facilitating the work.